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HELLO HELLO everyone!

Wow. It has been an incredibly long time since I wrote for myself, or my business. I’m actually kind of enjoying it! Anyway… As you may know, I am a Content Creator with a photographic background. Since I was a little one, I’ve been glued to camera’s in one way or another (never enjoyed being in front of them past 12 years old!), and eventually, it became the time for me to master my craft.

I have spent the past 6 years living, studying and working between Cape Town and London (and have loved every minute!). I believe the term “nomad” is chucked around on social media, but I find it suits my mindset. I get itchy feet if I am in one place for too long! Why Cape Town? Because I am half South African, and when I was 19, I had an overwhelming desire to discover my roots. I ended up travelling the country on my own for 6 months (much to everyone’s dismay!) and guess what? I SURVIVED. I know - spoiler alert!

Fast forward five years, and I have a pretty interesting life. I’ve been in a long distant relationship for nearly three years (visas eurgh!) and we recently just got ENGAGED. I know. It’s wild. And I couldn’t be happier. It does amuse me how as soon as a couple are engaged, people are like, “so, when is the wedding?!” - um, I kinda want to enjoy this next chapter for a bit you know? :)

So, we are very happy in our engagement “limbo” if you like. Very happy indeed. I now believe I am rambling, so I’ll nip that in the bud. Bottom line is, I’ve always loved photography, writing and travel. Put all three together and you have… A LIFESTYLE CONTENT CREATOR! (shocker)

I am fully aware these days there are many photographers, content creators and influencers that live & breathe social media… so, here’s another one! Oh no, I am definitely joking. While I appreciate and work social media on a daily basis, I try to find SOME wind down time to get back to reality… Yes, reality.

Anyway, I am planning to set myself a goal of writing once a day for the next week. So, keep me in check, okay?

Until then, stay vibey. (I do hope by now you’ve heard some sarcasm!)


The African Rose