A Little Food For Thought


Good morning!

It’s me again…

I’m currently travelling on a South Western train on my way to shoot a Vegan, Gluten-Free, Food Festival in Bristol (check them out here!). I was sat here trying to read and got distracted by the moving landscapes and the sun trying to break through the clouds - sadly, no chance! It is often so hard to remember to look up from our screens and take in our surroundings… Just some food for thought.

Do you ever feel like you wish you’d grown up in another decade? For me, the 60s would have been my prime. Free hugs & flowers - what’s not to love? Though I do recognise that my job would be virtually impossible (see what I did there!), I just think we all need to remember to stop sometimes. I am so grateful for where I am currently in life - despite A LOT of hurdles lately. It's been a long time coming for me to start shooting again as I spent most of this year in a rebrand/procrastination cycle, and lost sight of what I truly love. Photography.

I’m thinking about writing a follow up post to this on Monday, once the job is complete and my client is happy. I’d like to do a little visual story of what goes on today, and show you a true behind the scenes of a day in the life(style) of a photographer on the move. If you’d like to see this, let me know by clicking the little heart button or subscribing below. Here’s to a great Saturday!

Love & light,

The African Rose


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