New Year, New Business: Manifesting Goals Into Reality


First of all, Happy New Year! It’s time to manifest our goals into reality, and for me this year, they come in the form of some nouns! Now before I dive into the “new year, new me” bullshit that comes with another circuit around the sun, I’d like to take a moment…

the african rose lifestyle


A moment to be damn grateful for everything I’ve had and continue to receive within the nature of our beautiful planet. I am surrounded by loving humans, new & old, and I am working hard to create a unique life for myself, and so far, it seems to be working! Thank you to all who have given love over the years, and I aim for each and every one of you to feel it in abundance this next year. Gratitude is something we must practice in order to learn empathy and unconditional love, and to further our horizons into a new chapter.



Have you ever experienced a situation with someone less fortunate than you, and had the urge to act? Feel something so intensely it moves you to do something unconditionally for someone else? This is known as empathy, and it is pretty powerful. As an empath myself, I often take on other’s emotions without protecting myself first. By this I mean, when you are open to other energies, you can often feel drained of your own. Be sure to look after yourself, before you look after others. After all, energy exchange is sacred, and should be mutually kind and without agenda. Practicing empathy teaches you to love, accept and appreciate other cultures, and experience the true beauty of the human race. Be mindful, compassionate and peaceful this year. I intend to do the same.

the african rose lifestyle


Okay, so 2018 was the year of mindfulness. Yoga, meditation and other spiritual practices came into light, and are now very much part of the mainstream social media movement. I have found social media to be both brilliant and debilitating in terms of this, as often we feel inclined to share every precious moment on Insta, without recognising mindfulness requires time out. Time alone to reflect and manifest. Time full stop. I find it incredibly difficult to shut off from technology these days (especially with an online business) and you really must check yourself. There are great apps (I KNOW) that monitor your usage - such as Screen Time on Apple, and apps to remind you to meditate (Headspace of course!). I have my reservations about using apps to remind me to do everything, but maybe this is just how it is now? I am still not 100% sold on the idea, but it seems to work for many, and may well be a good place for you to start.



My biggest thing this year is manifesting my goals. This means to acknowledge the aspirations I have to the universe by creating them in the physical to allow them to be present. For example, you have an idea for your business, and have literally no idea how to execute it. Currently, it is just sitting in your head, playing on your mind, and frankly gathering dust up there. Take a piece of paper and write it down. Draw it out, or make a mood board. Whatever your idea is, it will only remain an idea in your head. As soon as you manifest it physically, you take it from being an idea to becoming an action plan. You get the ball rolling, and over time, it becomes a reality. This reason alone is why I am writing this post right now. I have many ideas for my business this year, and I have started my own manifestations. And trust, it is working.

the african rose lifestyle


Lastly, and perhaps the most valuable lesson I’ve been taught recently is the art of commitment. I say art because it is not something you can stick to easily, and you have to really put your all into it to get out what you envisioned. As a Virgo, I am often known as a loyal perfectionist. This is true, yet procrastination can hit me like a brick wall, and I am done. Becoming a new business owner is something equally daunting and exciting, and you REALLY must keep yourself in check, or ultimately you will fail. I plan to commit to my business, my blog, and my personal art wholeheartedly this year. No excuses. Something I read recently showed me that feeling unworthy is an emotion we inhabit often from a young age, and like any bias, we must learn to unlearn it. Self worth and self love are the only keys to true happiness. Positive affirmations are here to stay now. It will be a long process, but I am HERE for it.

I am worthy of having a successful business and working for myself.

I am worthy of giving and receiving unconditional love.

I am worthy of happiness.

you are worthy

What is your mantra this year?

Love & light,

The African Rose X